Grotto II   (2017)

After two years of design and development, Digital Grotesque II premiered at Centre Pompidou’s Imprimer le monde exhibition in March 2017.

Digital Grotesque II explores a new relationship between designer and computer, in which the computer turns from a passive instrument to an active partner who can expand the imagination of the designer. The computer learns to generate architectural structures which evoke interest, curiosity, and an emotional response. A single volume spawns millions of branches, growing and folding again and again. Hundreds of square meters of surface are compressed into a 3.5 meter high block that is brought to life as a seven ton, 3D printed sandstone structure./p>

The resulting architecture is at once disorientating, intriguing, and evocative without being prescriptive. It inhabits a space between the man-made and the natural, between order and chaos, offering unexpected moments of surprise.

Grotto I   (2013)

Digital Grotesque I is a commission by FRAC Centre Orléans for its architecture colllection. It premiered in 2013 at the re-opening of FRAC Centre in the context of the Archilab 9 -Naturalizing Architecture exhibition.

Digital Grotesque I marks the first time that 3D sand-printing is used at a true architectural scale. Not a scaled architectural model is printed, but rather the architecture itself. It's an immersive, solid, human-scale structure with complex curvatures and an astounding level of detail. Its geometry consists of hundreds of millions of individual facets printed at a resolution of a tenth of a millimeter, constituting a massive, 5-ton architectural space.